Tara McGregor

I support individuals, teams and partnerships to deliver better outcomes for people and communities.  

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I believe in our ability to make the world a fairer, more equal place.  We have great people involved in bringing about change, and I support them to achieve more.   




I am a facilitator, coach and trainer.  In these roles I create sessions where people learn, share and progress. As an evaluation and improvement specialist, I provide advice and support to drive change, and learn about what works.  



I have been working with the third and public sectors in Scotland for over fifteen years, as a facilitator, trainer, coach and researcher.  I actively promote outcomes focused planning,  evidence-based practice, and improvement approaches. 


Get in touch

I work with individuals, teams and organisations in the third and public sectors to plan, implement, and evidence policies and programmes. If you are looking to find out more get in touch with me.

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